Synthetic Volcano Geophysical Laboratory 2020

Participants (L to R): Luca De Siena, Abo Komeazi, C├ęsar Castro, Arne Sprang, Yi Zhang, Philipp Hering, Andreas Junge, Boris Kaus

Through a series of small workshops, TeMaS aims at bringing together small groups of researchers from different fields to work together in a specific topic and further collaboration that will, eventually, result in new science and joint publications.

The 2020 Synthetic Volcano Geophysical Laboratory took place in October, 2020. The goal was to work around the following question: If our 3D volcano model is the reality, how would your observable signal look like? How do you (forward) compute this? We realize that this may depend on local EQ sources, station spacing, etc. Yet, being able to compute the signal synthetically will help us see whether combining different approaches could be helpful, and will also allow us to link our results with what others obtain from petrology, geochemistry etc. This was mostly a hands-on workshop, in which we tested a few different scenarios and made progress also by sorting out technical details.

Progam : pdf

Mariana Cosarinsky
Mariana Cosarinsky