2020 | Joint TeMaS-VALIDATE workshop

The VALIDATE forum (https://www.sages.ac.uk/fora/volcanoes-validate/), funded by the Scottish Alliance for Geosciences, Environment and Society, was created by De Siena in 2017 to link all the volcanologists in Scotland and build connections between atmospheric, solid-Earth, and social Sciences in volcanic environments. The results of this forum were: a Town-hall meeting organised at EGU2018 with De Siena as lead, 5 papers whose seeds were planted during the Forum and one Leverhulme project (on volcano-ice interaction) funded. The VALIDATE activity continues across 9 Scottish Universities and two major governmental re-search bodies, now led by Dr. Matteo Spagnolo (Aberdeen); the 22 involved Scottish scientists are now looking for partners in the EU on volcano-related topics, with the aim to internationalise collaborations and promote large grant submissions. TeMaS needs a stronger, leading presence in the international community. Joining forces with VALIDATE would increase the breath of possi-ble cooperation between Atmospheric and Solid Earth Science, and within the three different German universities. Finally, it would give us the chance of working with a group and a structure (SAGES) who has already achieved significant success with about the same funding we have available. VALIDATE has confirmed the interest between 7 and 15 scientists from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews to be part of the initiative. The aims of this meeting will be to: (1) build up common research between the three universities with partners in Scotland; (2) understand if there is space for proposals for funding with Scottish universities, also bearing in mind the possibility of a Brexit; (3) advertise TeMAS to the internation-al community; (4) improve cooperation across Atmospheric and Solid Earth scientist by joining forces with a pool of experts in different fields (in particular glaciology and social sciences); (5) eventually, help finding potential EU/non EU (depending on Brexit) partners for the SFB proposal.